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Monday, May 10, 2010

Cheater... Cheater... Pumpkin... Eater...

Okay so there you go. After only three days of walking (Two and a half really, but who's counting) I got a ride in a car.

I may have compromised the integrity of the mission but I feel like it was the right thing to do. It would have been a supreme act of ingratitude to refuse a ride from this person who I did my best to help. There was no way that I was going to be privy to that kind of energy and neglect of spirit.

I believe that I came along at just the right time to help this man. And he got to return the favor by helping me. This is the ultimate win-win. I keep thinking that if I was still working at the library, this never would have happened. I am so pleased I was out on the road that day, in that perfect spot for this to occur. That I had so many flat tires and dead batteries when I was younger to help this man in his moment of need.

I am still irritated that I had a moment of weakness when he said he could give me a ride and I thought about refusing him to continue walking on some damn moralistic crusade. I am so glad I turned away from that fool-hearty line of thinking.

So thank you Man who's car blew a flat and gave me a ride to town just what I was feeling worn out and in need of help. We both met up at the exact perfect moment in time and this feels like some kind of blessing.

I look forward to many more instances of divine spark and fortunate connection along the path. These are the moments that will make this journey stand out and shine...

Thank you!


  1. I should probably not say so in front of 18 followers but I'm calling bullshit on the "I may have compromised the integrity of the mission." Sorry. This line makes me sad. (And the 'Cheater, Cheater' thing, too.)
    You compromised nothing. This was intuition applied. Wisdom in action.
    You go on to say that it would be fool hearty to hang on to such a strict and stringent concept of your trip. I hope you really believe this. That the intersecting of two people in need of assistance was the universe validating your adventure. I trust you'll continue to embrace such 'chance' encounters that help you along the way. That you'll celebrate them for what they are: Confirmation that you are following your bliss.
    Continue to be open. Pretty please.
    By the way, I love the guy with the flat tire.

    I love you, Aaron. ~ B

  2. Ditto Barbie. Me

  3. Righto, Aaron--you didn't sign a contract. In my own life I find it all too easy to fall into legalistic thinking (can't do this, or that) while neglecting the big picture. Take it all in and go with the experience...

  4. Remaining open is a big fat thing. I was not going to reject to offer outright. I felt bad, on the inside, for considering the idea that it would be cheating if I were to accept this generosity. Generosity of spirit. It is so unfortunate that I thought this but there it was. Thank you for the reassurances that I need to remain open to the wonders that will come my way. It is good to be reminded from time to time.

    Thank you!