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Sunday, May 16, 2010

St. Helens and a Cause

I realized something the next morning after I had packed up my gear and got back on the tracks before the sun completely crested the horizon.

That if I do not stop every couple hours to blog, or to take pictures, or to take sandwich breaks, or to videotape every single toilet I pass along the way, I can actually make pretty good time.

I had slept closer to St. Helens than I had previously thought, about 7.5 miles and I burned through that in a couple of hours. Only stopping in Columbia City which had a cool little library sharing building space with a pizza restaurant, with these sweet non-PCL approved hours:

I followed a bike trail for two miles between Columbia City and St. Helens and when I arrived in town I was in the residential district. I moved through old town St. Helens. Classic One way streets, many privately owned businesses before I turned out onto the main thoroughfare. This was much like many of the towns in Washington. Sprawly, strip mallish, fast food restaurants, drive in coffee shops, empty storefronts and buildings for lease.

Bonney Lake, Fredrickson, South Hill.

But I did notice this sandwich sign along the sidewalk:

I stepped inside of Damma's Pastry for a baby cinnamon roll and their specialty, a Jacks Maple Bar. The ladies in the store were freindly and kind. The pastries were delicious. As I ate, another customer came in and the owner talked to her about the stores one year anniversary coming up next Wednesday 5/19. They are going to have ten percent off everything in the store and they are collecting papers, pens, pencils, crayons, chalks, anything that can be used to write or draw for the children of Afghanistan. If you are in the St. Helens area, help battle child illiteracy, which is rampant in Afghanistan. Go to Damma's bakery, pick up some supplies on the way, indulge yourself with some excellently priced and delicious baked goods and donate to a great cause.

I spent the night in St. Helens pondering the mysteries of Oregon towns named after Washington mountains, trying to figure out how I was going to travel the 28 miles to Portland so I could catch the train back to Washington to see Barbie, by 6:15 the next day.


  1. Wow, Aaron! What a cool map. I love this. You and J have been busy men. Nice work.
    I think you should move this new gadget up the side bar, so it's a little easier to spot, like right under your gaggle of followers. (Wait, did another one just sign up? I think they did.)
    Is my crown on straight? I think it is.
    Love you! ~ B

  2. B~~ your crown is always on straight - you couldn't have it any other way :) A~~I think WE ALL should get to St Helens on Wed - to bring gifts for children, eat pastries, drink coffe and just plain goof off and have fun! Yep, yep I do. Stay safe, be well.

  3. Aa~~we so miss you. Yep, we do.