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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Couple Days Furlough

So after the nice man dropped me off in Clatskanie, he sped off to his appointment and I immediately passed out.

But not before I checked into the cheapest motel in town (Twelve rooms, twelve vacancies) before I fell on my face to recover for a couple of days.

And I needed it too. It was nice relaxing even if the place I was staying was a little bit of a dump. Barbie came down to see me which was fantastic. We spent some time together. Went for a drive. Went to REI to get some information on why my backpack was killing me. We met up with my freinds in Oregon and I stayed the night at their place, played some Frisbee golf for the first time ever, stayed an extra night because I did not want to start so late in the day, then was returned to my last pick up place to continue the journey: The Lewis and Clark Bridge connecting the town of Longview Washington to a place near Rainier Oregon.

I spent last night in Rainier and today I am of going to give the railroad tracks another shot. Wish me luck.

Thank you everyone who has been reading and following me along. I am having a blast and I hope you are too.

Be well, stay safe, breathe deep.




  1. Having been in cheap motels before - I have to say this: It might only be a bit above the bear droppings, but hopefully you will have hot water to bathe in and you will be safer than in the woods, where - YIKES - that bear could come back. You are gathering more followers :) YAY YOU!

  2. Watch out for those train tracks. Not always what they seem. Me

  3. Back in the '80s (wish I had a dollar for every time I've said/wrote that) I took a cross-country driving trip from Syracuse NY to Vancouver BC and back with my at the time girlfriend. We tented for a few days at a time, then checked into motels--it was always good to go from one to the other.

  4. Googled the map between Astoria and Rainier (50 some odd miles dude!)and in the process found that rascally set of RR tracks that led you astray. Pretty nifty to actually see where you were.

  5. Thanks for the support everybody. I am so grateful you are coming along with me...